The history of the house
Maison Saint Jean  - 18 Rue du Bourg Coûtant - 18700 Aubigny Sur Nère
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Historique de la Maison
The history of the house

A former inn dating back to the early 16th century in the only timbered house in the town centre with three spans. It has a unique shape with a carriage entrance.
giving access to the court with an open gallery on the elevation of the house overlooking the courtyard. This arrangement with shopping cart door and was characteristic of many local taverns in the late fifteenth, early sixteenth. It is a timbered house or timbered ie composed of two main elements:
- A wood-frame structure of the house, consisting of upper and lower wall plates, poles, landfills and tournisses
- The hourdage which forms the walls and has a role to fill and stiffener is made of bricks (usually raw) or sum of lightweight cob or plaster *
* The mud is a mixture of water, clay and natural fibers (straw, hay, horse hair that comes to liaisonner wattle or by coating the pressure lath to sections of walls or partitions of buildings to timber frame.